Today’s consumers are online and primed to find their next favorite brand. Whether you have your own personal brand or a business ready to grow, Christen Lockett is ready to take your brand to the next level. With a deep understanding of brand management, media relations and the power of social media, Christen has the experience to provide consultation on best practices as well as develop specific strategies for growth and optimizing your image.

Christen’s experience working with influencers, retail, and the media gives her perspectives from every angle. Together, you can decide what practices are best for YOUR brand.

Christen and her team will work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to ensure that the brand you portray is authentically your brand. At Lockett-Up PR, we understand the importance of building and protecting your brand in the eyes of consumers.

Brand Strategy and Management

Break through the clutter of competitors on social media. YOU are the most important brand. Together, we will develop your brand voice and create a cohesive and STRONG digital presence that will win over customers and clients.

Social Media Strategy

In today’s world we shop, schedule, and truly connect online. Lockett-Up PR is prepared to develop the strong and professional social media presence you need to engage customers and clients. We will help you develop a social media strategy that will turn followers into shoppers, fans or clients while representing your authentic brand.

Media Relations

Your brand has caught many eyes and deserves the media’s attention. Lockett-Up PR will ensure you maximize those experiences by preparing you for the spotlight and setting you apart from competitors.


Christen is creative and has been great to work with on our social media account. The transition from handling our account ourselves to having Christen's help has been a smooth transition and I would definitely recommend her services." 

- Natalie | JSC